Celebrating A New Baby

A New Life Has Begun.

Baby Naming & Dedications

A child entering your life as a new member of your family is truly a sacred time. Whether by birth or adoption, this is a time to honour and celebrate such a gift. A baby naming and dedication ceremony is a way to welcome and introduce your child into a community of family and friends. It is also a time to explain the meaning behind your child’s name, and to give thanks and dedicate your precious gift of life.

A baby naming ceremony is very important ritual and should not be taken lightly. Our name is a badge of honour that is worn proudly. It is a significant part of our personality and a spiritual link to who we are going to be.

Today’s families are composed of many religious backgrounds or none at all. Many interfaith couples are seeking rituals that will honour the religious philosophies of both parents. Therefore, a customized baby celebration appeals to the multi-faith families.

It would be a privilege to help create and officiate at the celebration which would honour your child’s entrance into your family.

A family is a circle of strength and love,

with every birth and every union the circle grows.

Every joy shared adds more love,

every circle faced together

makes the circle stronger.


The circle is a symbol of a family’s never-ending love for one another. As memories burn an imprint in our minds, so do the people we share special moments with. These people, we call our family, they have open arms to hold you, and an open mind to listen. As a circle never ends, neither does the love formed within the circle. But this circle is special, because it extends beyond these walls. For once you are touched by this circle, you are forever a part of it, as it is forever a part of you, as your love fore each others keeps this circle going.

A Family


A Family is a Place

To cry

To laugh

To vent frustration

To ask for help

And tease

And yell

To be kissed and hugged

and smiled at.

A Family is People

Who care when you are sad

Who love you no matter what

Who shae your triumphs

Who don’t expect you to be perfect

Just grow with honesty

In your own direction.

A family is a Circle

were we learn to like ourselves

Where we learn to make good decisions

Where we learn to think before we do

Where we learn integrity and respect for others

Where we are special

Where we share ideas

Where we listen and are listened to

Where we learn the rules of life

to prepare ourselves for the world.

The world is a Place

Where anything can happen.

If we grow in a Loving Family

We are ready for the world!

– Author Unknown –



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