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Renew Your Wedding Vows

This ceremony, also known as a life-affirmation of Vows, is for married couples wishing to reaffirm the vows of love and commitment they said to one another on their wedding day, whether it was 5 years or 50 years ago.

Such a ceremony provides the couple with an opportunity for their family and community of friends to participate, witness, and affirm their love and support. This ceremony can also provide an opportunity to renew commitment, love and support for no other reason than the couple wishes to do so.

Often the date of a significant anniversary is chosen for the ceremony. Similarly, the original venue is sometimes reflected in the venue chosen for the ceremony and celebration. Original bridal party members or family often participate. It can be a time when favourite old songs and music are heard and much laugher and reminiscing takes place.

Intimate ceremonies with just a few guests conducted before a candlelit dinner can be just as special as a big celebration with family and friends.

You may wish to include as much as your original ceremony, especially your vows, as possible. Alternatively, I can assist you to put together a completely new and very personalized ceremony that incorporates the journey the two of you have shared.

Note: Vow renewal ceremonies do not have any legal implications.


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